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Industries We Serve

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Aerospace & Defense

Winslow Automatics, Inc. recognizes the importance of quality in precision metalworking. Our reputation for precision machining services is built on the ability to meet the needs of industrial and aerospace technologies with precise machining capabilities and problem-solving design ingenuity to produce high-quality precision-turned parts.


This ingenuity and quality have been recognized with numerous quality awards from both Pratt & Whitney Aircraft and The United States Air Force.

Medical Device Manufacturing

The Medical Industry requires a wide variety of parts and assemblies with a specialty in high precision CNC manufacturing and stringent controls. Whether working for a small producer or a larger corporation, Winslow will work with your engineering team to ensure that the highest level of quality and consistency is achieved from first prototype to the last production shipment.


This teamwork between Winslow and our customers aids production by minimizing slowdowns and unforeseen changes. We do all of this while never compromising on quality or the required inspection and certification processes.

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Wind Mills

Firearms Manufacturing 

We supply leading, global firearms manufacturers with components and assemblies that are consistent in quality and reliable in operation. Winslow Automatics prides itself on consistently providing the customer with the highest quality products and on-time deliveries.


Our facilities enable us to provide small to large production quantities at competitive prices. Winslow is well on its way to becoming a major manufacturer supplier to the small arms industry.

Energy/Power Generation

Winslow’s history as an expert supplier of precision CNC components and intricate sub-assemblies helps give us a tremendous competitive advantage in servicing the needs of this complex and ever-changing industry.


Our storied and well-deserved reputation as a trusted supplier to most of the major aerospace engine companies around the globe has provided us with an excellent entry opportunity into this industry.

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Winslow Automatics

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